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        "2021 Mid-Autumn Night with Blue Moon on Hunan TV and 9th Blue Moon Festival" officially kicks off To showcase clean hygienic lifestyle with innovative technologies

        On 8 September, the launch ceremony of the "2021 Mid-Autumn Night with Blue Moon on Hunan TV and the 9th Blue Moon Festival" was held with great fanfare in Changsha, Hunan. Entering the 8th year of cooperation, Hunan TV and Blue Moon again present a special entertainment gala for a TV audience.

        05 活動合照(1).jpg

        During each Mid-Autumn Festival, Blue Moon organises the "Blue Moon Festival" to share a wonderful clean time with consumers. At this year’s event, not only has it unveiled the new Blue Moon series of products, Liu Wen, its brand ambassador, was also featured, to help promote the clean lifestyle that Blue Moon has come to represent.


        Insights into consumer demand and product upgrade to promote a new clean hygienic lifestyle

        Embracing the?purpose of "Be dedicated to cleaning",Blue Moon has consistently set consumers as the core and technological innovation as the driver, to provide a complete set of household care solutions, in order to meet their rising and diversified cleaning needs. This year, the "Blue Moon Festival" adheres to the brand concept of "Together for Life, Clean and Carefree", with the hope to bring more benefits to consumers by "preserving" and "changes for the better".


        As a provider of professional household care solutions, Blue Moon is also committed to advocating and promoting a clean hygienic lifestyle while providing quality products, and reinforcing the value of "cleanliness" by meeting changing consumer demand. In recent years, following the consumption upgrade trend, consumers have discovered a variety of personalised cleaning needs from aspects of quality, health and aesthetics, to enhancement of well-being. Grocery shopping now goes beyond selecting a product to becoming more about choosing a lifestyle.


        Amidst the wave of consumption upgrade, Blue Moon has continuously expanded product categories and enhanced the quality of products based on its insights into consumption trends. Its product research and development is underpinned by innovative technologies innovation, it shows care?about the health of families with professionalism, and conveys cleanliness aesthetics through fashionable yet convenient design. Zeng Liqun, [General Manager, ?Communications Department of Blue Moon],said at the launching ceremony, "Laundry is the release of energy, washing hands becomes a fun game, and washing dishes brings you decency"?. After all, Blue Moon is committed to bring a relaxing pleasant cleaning experience and a brand new way of clean living to consumers, bringing pleasure to cleaning.


        Announces a range of new products using advanced cleaning technology to elevate a variety of new washing experiences?

        At Mid-Autumn Festival every year, Blue Moon announces new products so as to celebrate the holiday with consumers. At the launching ceremony, Blue Moon officially unveiled a series of new products using the latest cleaning technology. This series of new products covers a wide range of products such as Blue Moon automatic hand washing dispenser, rinse-free antibacterial hand wash, Supreme biotech bacteria and odour removal laundry detergent, and antibacterial and odour removal laundry detergent, further enriching Blue Moon's product matrix.

        06 產品圖(3).jpg

        According to the product introduction, Blue Moon Supreme biotech bacteria and odour removal laundry detergent is a liquid laundry detergent product using a "concentrated +" formula. It contains multiple active bio-enzymes, which can prevent clothing from yellowing and becoming worn out, and can maintain the texture of fabric. This liquid laundry detergent also has properties such as eliminating bacteria[1], removing odour and maintaining long-lasting odour suppression[2], to further meet the diverse laundry washing needs of consumers. Blue Moon automatic hand washing dispenser, another newly introduced product, offers the advantages of contact-free liquid dispensing, convenience and hygiene, and thus delivers a comfortable hand washing experience.


        At the new product launch event, Liu Wen, ambassador of Blue Moon, made a surprise appearance and revealed the laundry secrets and shared good cleaning products with her fans. She mentioned that she has loved using ?Blue?Moon's Supreme Liquid Laundry Detergent. The concentrated liquid laundry detergent product makes laundering very easy. For consumers who like yoga and fitness and sweat a lot during exercise, Ms Liu recommended Supreme biotech antibacterial and odour removal laundry detergent launched by Blue Moon earlier this year. In addition, Ms Liu also loves two hand washing products with a high-tech feel. One is Space Cow automatic hand wash dispenser, offering a dense foam for hands and making hand washing a pleasure; the other is a non-alcoholic[3]; rinse-free antibacterial hand wash in a? small bottle easy to carry thus a good cleaning product for business trips.


        As presents to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival, reward consumers for their support and companionship and allow more participants to try new cleaning technology products. Blue Moon also simultaneously launched "Together for Life. Clean and Carefree" Mid-Autumn Festival opening interaction activity H5. Consumers have an opportunity to receive new products for free via the "Mid-Autumn Interaction" Mini Program ?on WeChat and take part in the activity. At this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival Gala, Blue Moon has also cooperated with?Hunan TV to produce online and offline interactive activities for consumer participation. Through these activities, consumers can acquire knowledge about cleaning and win cleaning gifts, so that they can better enjoy cleaning and distinctive Mid-Autumn Festival blessings.

        Blue Moon said that in the future, it will always uphold its original intention and satisfy the demand of consumers, and to be "Together for Life" with consumers. It will constantly pursue technological innovation, improve household cleaning solutions and promote a clean hygienic lifestyle, so that consumers can be "Clean and Carefree."

        [1] Eliminating bacteria: Staphylococcus aureus, Moraxella oslo, and Escherichia coli are the bacteria used for experiments and tested by professional organizations. Under the condition of laboratory, this product can effectively eliminate the above-mentioned bacteria.

        [2] Removing odour: The smell of sweat and the smell of “drying up” are used to be tested under the laboratory conditions. As a result, this product can suppress the above-mentioned odours effectively.

        [3]?Non-alcoholic type: alcohol content less than 0.01%.

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