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        Ninth Blue Moon Festival Well Underway Blue Moon, CCTV and Hunan TV Join Forces to Promote Clean Living at Mid-Autumn Festival Gala

        To celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival, the 2021 China Media Group Mid-Autumn Festival Gala and the 2021 Mid-Autumn Night with Blue Moon will be broadcast on Hunan TV, providing Chinese people around the world with diversified audio-visual feasts. This is the eighth consecutive year that Blue Moon, which is serving as the exclusive title sponsor, has joined forces with CCTV and Hunan TV to host the two-night event. During the events, the Group will give away a large quantity of cleaning products, hoping to offer consumers a more pleasant cleaning experience and encourage them to develop a clean-living lifestyle while celebrating the joyful Mid-Autumn Festival.


        Night events hosted by the two TV stations present diversified and innovative audio-visual feasts

        This year, the CCTV Mid-Autumn Night event aims to integrate the feelings of longing for reunion and the affection for home and country. This, plus the distinctive charm of Xichang, where the program will be filmed, will allow CCTV to present a special audio-visual feast that combines traditional culture and current affairs, affection for family and country, and romantic aesthetics and local scenery.


        This year's CCTV Mid-Autumn Night event will continue to follow the previous chapter arrangements. In addition to the prologue and epilogue, the event will be divided into three chapters, namely "The Mid-Autumn Festival" (月到中秋), "Hometown of the Moon" (月之故鄉) and "Blissful Mid-Autumn Festival"(人月兩圓). The stage design will adopt the theme of the "Big Dipper", echoing the three chapter titles mentioned above. The accompanying music, which has been given the theme "The Age of Awakening" (覺醒年代), will be presented in the form of a symphony, providing audiences with an extraordinary audio-visual sensation. In addition, the event will feature an innovative futuristic panoramic stage, designed to create an immersive experience through the clever blending of the real and virtual, ancient and modern, and near and far elements.


        Hunan TV’s Mid-Autumn Night with Blue Moon will also present an audio-visual feast that showcases traditional culture and modern innovation, as well as romance and beauty. Complementing the theme "Go After the Moon" (月亮走,我也走), the event will boldly adopt the innovative "all-outdoor" and "multiple scenarios" simultaneous performance style. This will enable the audience to admire the glorious full moon in various locations by recreating settings such as a boat on the Xiangjiang river, a starry rooftop and romantic grassland.

        It is worth mentioning that a special program, "Fiery Tree and Silver Flower" (火樹銀花), has been prepared for the Mid-Autumn Night event, in which the spectacular and world-famous molten iron fireworks show – an intangible cultural heritage with a thousand years’ worth of history, will be performed, as well as a powerful dual dance on a specially designed water stage, thus?creating a striking visual impact using fire and water.


        The ninth “Blue Moon Festival” is underway, with the aim of advancing a clean-living lifestyle

        Blue Moon, the exclusive title sponsor of these spectacular events, is driven by innovation. With perseverance and sensitive to changes, Blue Moon strives to bring surprises and companionship to consumers.

        In recent years, with improvements in national living standards and an increased awareness of maintaining good health, consumers have attached greater importance to personal enjoyment, and, as a result, a wider range of personalized cleaning needs have been established, from quality, health, and aesthetics, to the improvement of mental well-being. Following the trend of consumption upgrade, Blue Moon continues to expand its product categories, upgrade product quality and facilitate product development with technological innovation, in order to protect the health of every family member in a professional manner. It also continues to promote the positive mental effects of cleaning through modern designs, turning cleaning into an enjoyable act; "Laundry helps release energy, washing hands becomes an enjoyable game, and washing dishes brings you decency” (洗衣是能量釋放,洗手變輕松游戲,餐洗成自然禮遇).

        Since 2013, Blue Moon has held the "Blue Moon Festival" alongside the Mid-Autumn Festival each year to advocate and promote the clean lifestyle.?During this year’s “Blue Moon Festival,” the ninth of its kind, Blue Moon will strive to promote a brand-new clean-living lifestyle to the public through various channels, under its branding concept of "Together for Life, Clean and Carefree."


        As for products, Blue Moon has launched a variety of new cleaning items highlighted by Supreme Biotech bacteria and odour removal laundry detergent, an automatic hand washing dispenser, and a rinse-free antibacterial hand wash, which serve to upgrade a more diversified cleaning experience. Complementing these products, Blue Moon continues to provide comprehensive and attentive professional cleaning consulting services through its professional cleansing consultants and 24-hour 400 customer hotlines, in order to help consumers to solve cleaning problems. Dedicated to the purpose of "Be dedicated to cleaning" and through continuously upgrading product and service capabilities, Blue Moon is fulfilling with concrete action its promise of "Together for Life, Clean and Carefree " to consumers.

        Blue Moon cooperates with two Mid-Autumn Festival Galas to celebrate the festive season with consumers

        Exclusively sponsored by CCTV, Hunan TV’s Mid-Autumn Festival Gala is a high point of the 9th Blue Moon Festival in that province. With the arrival of the Mid-Autumn Festival, this gala feting cleanliness also reaches a climax. On 20 September, the interactive mini programs created by Blue Moon and for the two Mid-Autumn Festival Galas were officially launched. Consumers can not only gain useful knowledge about cleaning and play fun games, but also have the opportunity to sample a large number of new products for free, while experiencing the new sparkling clean lifestyle that Blue Moon promotes.?

        Blue Moon and CCTV cooperate through setting up the "Blind Box" lucky draw, Mid-Autumn Festival rankings?and other lively online interactive events giving away some 100,000 cleaning gifts and a large number of red packets. Consumers can access the "Mid-Autumn Interaction" Mini Program on WeChat to participate.?During the broadcast of CCTV's Mid-Autumn Festival Gala on 21 September, viewers could also scan the mini APP code on the TV screen to participate in the interactivity including winning the Mid-Autumn Festival prizes while enjoying the truly wonderful entertainment.


        "Blue Moon Mid-Autumn Night Interaction" Mini APP

        At the same time, Blue Moon also teamed up with Hunan TV to create an interactive mini APP for the Mid-Autumn Night on Hunan TV. Consumers can participate by just searching for the "Mid-Autumn Night" mini APP on WeChat. Through the Mid-Autumn Festival treasure hunt, they can experience a different “Xiao xiao le" and when joyfully clearing stages in the game, they have a chance to win great prizes including the new Blue Moon cleaning products, a Moon House gift set and mobile phones.


        Mid-Autumn Night on Hunan TV” Mini APP

        The Mid-Autumn Festival conveys the Chinese cultural connotations of family, affection, and reunion. As a professional home cleaning solutions provider, Blue Moon has consistently focused on the concept of "family" and is committed to promoting a clean hygienic lifestyle among ?Chinese families, facilitating a cleaner and healthier home environment, rendering reunion moments?more tranquil and tender, and daily life more pleasant and cozy.


        On the horizon, a bright moon rises to share with all clean and wonderful time. On the evening of 21 September, may everyone enjoy the Mid-Autumn Festival Gala and have a great ?time together with Blue Moon.

        Programme Guide

        2021 CCTV Mid-Autumn Festival Gala

        21 September 20:00

        CCTV1, CCTV3 and CCTV4 broadcast in parallel


        2021 Hunan TV Blue Moon Mid-Autumn Night

        21 September 19:50

        Hunan TV invites you to watch together


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