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        Blue Moon Joins Hands with Art Fair for Eight Consecutive Years Nurtures development of the arts for youth through charitable activities

        The 2021 2nd Graduates Art Fair Wuhan, China, with Blue Moon as principal sponsor, was officially launched at the Wuhan International Conference & Exhibition Center on 9 October. More than 3,000 outstanding artworks created by over 800 arts students and young artists from nearly 50 academic institutions around the world were showcased, creating a vibrant art gala for the enjoyment of Wuhan’s citizens.

        While sharing concerns about the development of arts and creativity in China’s youth, Blue Moon has been the principal sponsor of the Art Fair for eight consecutive years, continuously supporting young artists to mature and contributing to the healthy development of the arts.

        2021 Art Fair officially opens?????? ?Diverse contents enrich the exhibition-attending experience

        This year, the exhibition area of the 2nd Art Fair was expanded to 15,000 square metres and nine days from 9 to 17 October, making it the largest and the longest-lasting youth arts event that also featured the most exhibits and the best artistic experience ever?. It?generated an enthusiastic response with some 5,058 arts students and young artists from 361 domestic and foreign educational institutions submitting 29,706 works of art. More than 800 participating artists among the many worthy candidates were acknowledged as outstanding practitioners.


        ? ??

        As the largest platform in China to showcase the creation and exploration of this year’s graduates of fine arts majors and young artists, the Art Fair encompassed arts schools of almost all existing arts genres. This year's event comprised a general exhibition area and a special exhibition area, in?order to fully portray its distinctive characteristics of “Young, Contemporary and Futuristic”. The general exhibition was eclectic, comprising traditional Chinese painting, oil painting, printmaking, mixed media and other genres of art, fully presenting the creative style of new art generation born after the 1990s. The special exhibition this year rolled out new initiatives, comprising three vibrant zones, NFT encrypted digital art, trendy art, and documentaries, offering a new sensational viewing experience for the pleasure of Wuhan’s residents.


        As the principal Art Fair sponsor, Blue Moon is also committed to top quality and innovation-driven development. Under its brand concept of "Together for Life, Clean and Carefree", Blue Moon continues to provide consumers with a diversified, and highly efficient and trendy washing experience, promoting a clean and beautiful lifestyle, while transforming cleaning into a meaningful pleasure. At this year’s Art Fair, Blue Moon specially set up an artistically designed clean lifestyle booth to display a range of advanced cleaning products highlighted by an automatic hand washing dispenser, rinse-free antibacterial hand wash and Supreme biotech bacteria and odour removal laundry detergent, all of which provide visitors a unique and aesthetically pleasing lifestyle and cleanliness experience.

        Blue Moon garners "Special Contribution Award" for its continuous contributions to development of youth arts

        Since 2014, Blue Moon has sponsored nine Graduates Art Fairs in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Wuhan respectively. At these events, nearly 5,000 artists were given the opportunities to display around 15,000 artworks professionally as if in an art museum, so the young people embarking on their artistic journey could attract more attention. During the Wuhan Art Fair, Blue Moon purchased and collected more than 800 works of art created by more than 400 artists, offering young creators significant spiritual encouragement and direct financial support.

        Xu Yuling, Deputy General Manager of Blue Moon, said at this year’s opening ceremony, “Young people represent the hope for the future. Young artists are nurturing the power of future innovation in China, so supporting young creative talent for the future is actually aiding the country to cultivate the force of future innovation”.

        The cooperation between Blue Moon and Art Fair endures beyond few days of the event, as it is truly a beneficial effort that brings artistic creativity into daily life. In the eight years of their cooperation, they have collaborated to launch a series of public art projects, which directly and indirectly affect millions of urban dwellers, allowing the arts to take root in community life, entering people’s daily lives, and promoting and popularising ?aesthetics?education in society.

        LI Yifei, Chairman of 廣州華藝大藝文化藝術發展有限公司, also said at the opening ceremony, “Since it was founded in 2021, Art Fair has charity as its purpose. This is why Art Fair has spared no effort in discovering, supporting and advancing young artists, as well as promoting, recommending and introducing young artists and their creations to the whole society. Art Fair is also committed to becoming a bridge between the arts and the public, actively promoting aesthetics education in society?and bringing arts to the public, so they can, in turn, bring the arts into their home.

        As a gesture of gratitude to Blue Moon, the?organising committee of Art Fair invited Fan Bo, Vice Dean of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, as the guest of honour at the opening ceremony, to present the "Special Contribution Award for Chinese Youth Arts Development" to Blue Moon. The accolade is for its outstanding contribution to development of the arts among the youth in China and its dedicated efforts in the promotion of aesthetics education in society.


        This award also reflects Blue Moon’s dedicated efforts to realising its ESG principle of "better products and services, more environmentally friendly, and a happier society" and how the Group has adhered to its values over time. For a long time, Blue Moonhas actively engaged in charitable activities and fulfilled its corporate social responsibilities in different aspects, in order to build a beautiful and harmonious society through its efforts in advancing the areas of health and well-being, culture and art, environmental protection, community charity, and more.

        Join hands to carry out charitable activities for the arts ????? Help build an eco-friendly society

        To enable more citizens, young people and children in Wuhan to participate in this celebration of the arts, Art Fair, together with Blue Moon and Art Fair Children Art Centre (大藝博少兒藝術中心), jointly launched a municipal charitable initiative "Blue Action – Make Friends with Finless Porpoises" (藍色行動——我和江豚做朋友) at the end of August. Young people in urban areas were invited to participate, with the aim to convey ecological and environmental protection concepts through artistic creativity, raise people's concern about the ecology of the Yangtze River?and protect the finless porpoise, an endangered species.


        At this year's Art Fair, visitors not only could view the finished artwork made by these young people and children, but also the "Finless Porpoise" sculpture specially fashioned by the young artist Liu Huixiang on display in the Public Arts Exhibition zone of Blue Moon's “Clean Lifestyle” booth. The Blue Action – Make Friends with Finless Porpoises also featured an interactive activity themed "Smile with the Finless Porpoise".?


        It’s worth mentioning that, as "Blue Action – Make Friends with Finless Porpoises" is a key IP, Blue Moon and Art Fair have jointly organised an urban charity art project at each Art Fair to invite citizens to join in creative activities. ?This is intended to introduce art into everyday life, raise people's awareness of the importance of nature, ecology and the humanities, and harness the power of the arts to make the world a better place. Blue Action – Make Friends with Finless Porpoises has consistently utilised environmental protection as the main theme and employed public arts to inspire an environmentally friendly society. This proposition also coincide with Blue Moon's philosophy of environmental protection.


        Since its establishment, Blue Moon has integrated the development strategies of green, low-carbon and technological innovation into the entire product chain, and has attached great importance to the environmental performance of products starting from product R&D and design. At present, Blue Moon’s main laundry detergent products haved attained water-saving product certification in China, and more than 90% of its products have also attained national relevant environmental labeling certification. At the same time, Blue Moon is one of the first companies in the washing industry to develop and sell concentrated products which boast many environmental protection benefits such as smaller storage area, lower transportation costs, less packaging waste and lower carbon emissions.


        For companies, charity is not a short slogan, but represents a long-term commitment. Only through a commitment to time can we walk steadily forward to reach the distant objectives. In the future, Blue Moon will steadfastly implement its ESG principles and continuously contribute to charity to promote the prosperous development of society, culture and the arts, and, ultimately contribute to building an environmentally friendly society!

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