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        Blue Moon Group is crowned the “Hong Kong Outstanding Listed Enterprises 2021” (Outstanding Consumer Brand) Award

        The "Hong Kong Outstanding Listed Enterprises" award presentation ceremony hosted by Economic Digest, a leading financial magazine in Hong Kong, was held on 17 November. According to the information, the panel selected outstanding companies among thousands of listed companies in Hong Kong based on various criteria such as corporate philosophy and vision, industry achievements, corporate governance, technological research and development and recognizes those with excellent performance in the past year.


        Blue Moon Group Holdings Limited (stock code: 6993) received the “Outstanding Consumer Brand” title at the award presentation ceremony.


        Mr. Poon Kwok Leung, Executive Director, Chief Financial Officer and Company Secretary of Blue Moon Group attended the award presentation ceremony. He said that Blue Moon Group insisted on placing consumer demand at the core and technological innovation as the foundation to seek development and breakthroughs in the ever-changing market over the past 30 years. The Group is very pleased to be seen by so many as an outstanding consumer brand, standing out among that many outstanding enterprises. Since the establishment, the Group has been steadfastly delivering on its mission of providing consumers with cleaning solutions comprising of exceptional products, impeccable services and professional insights, plus continuing to perfect our product mix so as to fully meet consumers' different cleaning needs.


        Public information shows that Blue Moon Group has achieved good results in the ‘Double 11 Shopping Festival’ just past, topped the list of best-selling fabric care brands on mainstream e-commerce platforms such as Tmall and JD.com, and also ranked first on the Douyin and Meituan Shangou platforms, speaking clearly to the popularity of our products among consumers.


        Looking ahead, Mr. Poon Kwok Leung said that the Group will continue to strengthen its research and development capabilities, recruit talents and focus on research and development of new products while strive to upgrade existing products to enrich the experiences of consumers and make more families clean and hassle free.


        Mr. Poon Kwok Leung, Executive Director, Chief Financial Officer and Company Secretary of Blue Moon Group, accepts the "Outstanding Consumer Brand" award on behalf of the Group


        Blue Moon Group honoured as "Outstanding Consumer Brand"

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