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        Helps consumers pursue better living Blue Moon tops C-BPI ranking for 12 consecutive years

        20 April 2022, Beijing, China – Chnbrand, an authoritative brand rating organization in China, has published the 2022 12th?China Brand Power Index (C-BPI) brand ranking and analysis report. Supported for several years in a row now by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology’s brand policy project funds, the index boasts highly authoritative research findings and brand value interpretation, hence is one of most credible brand value evaluation systems to Chinese consumers and enterprises.


        The report stated?the 2022 C-BPI covered a total of 176 product types, and Chinese brands made up 70.5% of the top brands in different product types, whereas international brands accounted for 29.5%. In fact, for five consecutive years since 2018, over 70% of the top brands were Chinese brands, which have spoken volumes to the solid position Chinese brands enjoy among consumers after years of brand building efforts.


        Blue Moon liquid laundry detergent and liquid soap have continued to shine in the fast moving daily chemical product sector, snatching the top spot among brands in the segment, plus the 2021C-BPI “Golden Brand” award.?Moreover, on the latest ranking list, a total of four Blue Moon product types placed top three in their respective categories. Worthy of notice is that for 12 consecutive years since the debut of C-BPI in 2011, Blue Moon liquid laundry detergent and liquid soap have come first in the industry in term of brand power index, not only testifying to the consistently strong brand power of its products, but also reflective of the firm strides Blue Moon has made on its brand development path.


        Innovative and upgraded cleaning experiences underpin excellent brand

        Ranking first in C-BPI again is a proof of consumers' trust in the Blue Moon brand and also their recognition for Blue Moon’s brand value.

        As a household cleaning solution provider with consumers at heart and innovation as driving force, Blue Moon embraces the “constantly raise the bar in pursuit of excellence for users” philosophy, and keeps a watchful eye on in-depth study on consumer needs, which its R&D innovation is based on. Its aim is to provide excellent products and services to give consumers more efficient and scientific washing experiences. The path which its liquid laundry detergent product category has walked sums up how Blue Moon has upheld its brand philosophy.

        In 2008, laundry powder dominated the Chinese laundry product market, liquid laundry detergent had less than 4% market share. Blue Moon, with appreciation of advantages of liquid laundry detergents, such as easy to dissolve, easy to rinse, gentle on clothing, overcame technological barriers and launched a deep-cleaning liquid laundry detergent. With forceful nationwide publicity mounted for the ground-breaking product, it succeeded in changing the traditional laundry habit of Chinese consumers and opened the “liquid” laundry detergent era in the country.

        Since 2011, Blue Moon has introduced liquid detergents for hand-wash clothing, for baby wear and for travel, championing the concept of “special purpose” detergents, to give consumers ever easier and more effective cleaning experiences.

        As society and the economy advance, consumers need detergent products more effective in removing stains and that work in smaller amounts, and also more eco-friendly. Correspondingly, concentrated laundry detergents have become the trend presiding development and transformation of the industry. In 2015, overcoming challenges and difficulties, Blue Moon developed and introduced China's first “concentrated+” liquid laundry detergent product for use in washing machines. Branded “Supreme”, the detergent comes in a bottle with a measurable dispenser pump. Compared with standard laundry detergents, consumers can use more than two-thirds less detergent in doing laundry and the low-foaming formula can reduce the number of rinsing required, making washing clothes easier, more convenient and cheaper, and the industry was given the push to go "concentrated".

        In 2018, Blue Moon developed an upgraded product named Supreme Biotechnology Liquid Laundry Detergent ("Supreme" or “Supreme Liquid Laundry Detergent"), embedded with such innovative washing technologies as "biological stain removal", "anti-stain re-deposition" and "fiber sorting", which can effectively prevent yellowing and graying of clothing, and protect fibers to stay shiny.

        Blue Moon’s professionalism and dedication in every stage of product development – R&D, design and production – is what underscores every innovative product it makes. The R&D of Supreme Liquid Laundry Detergent, for example, to develop a most suitable concentrated liquid laundry detergent for use by Chinese families, Blue Moon surveyed 10,000 families across the country. Blue Moon found that the average amount of clothing a family washes daily is equivalent to about eight man short-sleeve shirts. With those relevant data, for more than two years, applying innovative technologies and after coming up with over 1,000 formulas and carrying over 10,000 tests, Blue Moon found the most ideal formula. Moreover, it was able to accomplish taking Supreme's dispenser pump to an ultra-high standard of accurately discharging 8g of detergent a press, as well as ensuring every press on the pump head is as easy for Chinese women.

        Looking back at its development in past decades, Blue Moon has stayed true to its original intention of developing more excellent products for consumers, and, through continuous technological innovation, has made milestone after milestone over time and seen the brand to its prime today.


        A multi-category product layout ?Strengthen the “moat” for the brand

        Maintaining leadership and keep creating more value for consumers are critical subjects in brand development for Blue Moon in recent years.

        According to the Chnbrand brand report, major brands have been able to quickly capture market shares thanks to economies of scale, and in the era of rapidly iterating consumer demands, those brands also boast acute insights and swift responses. In terms of brand and product, many top brands have precise insights of the fine needs of consumers and are able to continuously increase the depth and breadth of their brands, and meet the diverse needs of the same users with a multi-dimensional brand and product matrix. As such, they are able to keep their brands connected with consumers at high frequency and in multi-realm, and in turn ensure their brands and performances lead the market. In that lies the code of success of Blue Moon in keeping its brand evergreen.

        In recent years, consumers are having more diverse needs and personalized demands. In addition to consolidating advantages of its traditional products, Blue Moon has adhered to the "special purpose” product idea, paying attention to demands born of consumption upgrade in pursuing continuous iteration and upgrade of products. In 2021, knowing in-depth different practical product usage scenarios, Blue Moon launched a number of new products such as the Supreme Biotechnology bacteria and odor removal laundry detergent, bacteria and odor removal laundry detergents and underwear laundry detergent, which have been well received by consumers. Among them, the underwear laundry detergent came first once on the pre-order list of the product type on the Tmall platform during the Double 11 Shopping Festival last year, and it was also the only liquid laundry detergent that made JD.com's [dedication to healthy lifestyle trends] ranking list.

        In the personal and household care product front, Blue Moon has also given full play to its R&D advantages and kept improving its product matrix. Since 2020, it has launched a series of new personal care products such as foam antibacterial liquid soap, automatic hand washing dispenser and rinse-free liquid soap, forming a portfolio of products that can satisfy the diverse and differentiated hand washing needs of all consumers in different scenarios. As for home care products, Blue Moon has launched the “tianlu” and “weinuo” product series and perfected the household disinfectant series to fully cover different household care and cleaning needs.

        Based on its expert strategy, Blue Moon has sought guidance from the needs and experience of consumers in different product usage scenarios to keep improving its home cleaning solution series. To date, Blue Moon has in place three major product segments, namely fabric care, personal hygiene and home care, covering more than 80 products, connecting the brand and consumers at high frequency and in multiple scenarios. Armed with agility to capture consumer demands and strong product development and innovation capabilities, Blue Moon has planted its brand image as a cleaning expert and professional home care solution provider deep in people’s mind.


        Meet demand beyond expectation ?Create long-term brand value

        As the society and economy develop and the media environment changes, brand building and development have become more challenging. According to the Chnbrand brand report, consumers today have more diverse demands and both reasons and emotions play into their spending decisions. If a brand communicates with consumers only at the product level, it sure can reap short-term commercial benefits, but will not be able to maintain long-term brand value. To create long-term brand value and achieve long-term development, Blue Moon’s way is to uncover the needs still oblivious to consumers or potential needs that cannot be clearly defined yet and meet those needs beyond the expectation of consumers.


        “For every family to live in the Blue Moon world – clean, healthy, comfortable, respectable and delightful” is the brand vision of Blue Moon. With a vision to create value for consumers, capable of innovation, R&D and putting out a product is but a part in the cleaning chain for Blue Moon. In addition to providing products, Blue Moon also stresses offering methods and services that can help consumers solve daily washing problems, thereby relates solutions for better living to the public.

        To do that, Blue Moon has continued to provide scientific washing tutorials and services, passing on scientific washing knowledge so that high-quality products and scientific methods can be used and appreciated by consumers, and help them to create and enjoy clean living. Blue Moon has set up the Blue Moon Applied Sciences and Laundry Academy. With engineers washing more than a million pieces of clothing, they concluded that the most common stains on people’s clothing fall into three categories: oil stains, color stains and invisible stains. Consequently, Blue Moon has come up with three scientific washing methods: pre-coating method on dry clothing, soaking method for color stains and soaking method for milk stains.

        At the same time, to answer customer queries, Blue Moon runs a 24-hour online consumer service hotline. Consumers can call the hotline 400-111-1118 any time, or leave messages at Blue Moon's official WeChat or Weibo accounts, to get in touch with an online customer service officer to ask questions about washing issues. Blue Moon also uses methods like live-streaming, which is more and more popular in recent years, to show how scientific washing methods work. It also provides customized services to consumers according to the cleaning habits and needs of each family, offering them a complete set of home care solutions for worry-free cleaning.

        In addition, starting in 2013, the “Blue Moon Festival” is held every year coinciding with the Mid-Autumn Festival. The occasion features new product launches and online and offline interactive activities to promote professional laundry knowledge and new cleaning rituals to consumers. Blue Moon has worked with CCTV and Hunan TV for nine consecutive years to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival and built unique ties with consumers. Large amounts of new products would be given out to the audience, so they could try them first-hand and experience clean living Blue Moon style.

        Over the years, Blue Moon has persisted with its value-oriented approach. With exceptional products, impeccable services and professional insights, it has built a bridge connecting consumers and the brand, taking it closer to consumers while also enhancing value of the brand. That is also the key to Blue Moon’s ability to sustain the vitality and competitiveness of the brand.

        Celebrating the 30th anniversary of the brand, Blue Moon will continue to put consumers first, pursue product innovation and expand product categories. It will insist on relating scientific knowledge of home cleaning and care and keeping the brand alive and well with excellent products and services, so that it can reach higher and grow further.

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