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        Second Phase of Blue Moon's Chongqing Production Base Completed and Started Commercial Production To Improve Quality and Efficiency and Promote Long-term Development

        On 6 July, Blue Moon held a ceremony in Banan District, Chongqing to mark the completion and commence of operation of the second phase of its Chongqing production base. Distinguished guests including Yang Yaping, Deputy Governor of Banan District People’s Government; Wang Minyan, Chairman of China Cleaning Industry Association; Ren Xiongqiong, Director of Banan District Economy and Information Technology Committee; Ding Hua, Chairman of Chongqing Banan Economic Park Development & Construction Company; Cui Yuling, Senior Vice President of The Fourth Construction Co., Ltd. of China Electronics System Engineering; Xu Yuling, Deputy General Manager of Blue Moon (China) Co., Ltd.; and, He Qiong, Director of Blue Moon Standards and Systems, were present to witness the delivery of the second phase of Blue Moon Chongqing production base.


        It is reported that the latest phase has enhanced the production base with near 50,000 square meters in gross floor area and annual production capacity of approximately 100,000 tonnes, and has 11 production lines planned for the putting out various home care, personal hygiene and fabric care products.


        At the ceremony, Xu Yuling, Deputy General Manager of Blue Moon, said the commence of operation of?the?second phase of Blue Moon's Chongqing production base is aligned with Blue Moon’s set strategic plan, enabling it to meet long term development needs. Blue Moon is being confidence on its future development.


        Expanding production capacity and improve efficiency

        Migrating into the smart manufacturing era


        Blue Moon’s Chongqing production base has been established in Banan District, Chongqing in 2015 and is regarded as?Blue Moon’s production and logistics center in the southwestern region. Being the important location that opens Chongqing to the south and the center of technological innovation in the south, Banan District boasts itself with significant geographical advantages including strong industrial foundation and superior business environment. The completion of the second phase of the project is part of Blue Moon’s strategic plan, which shall help Blue Moon in reducing logistics costs, increasing production volume and storage capacity, easing the upgrade of production processes for enhancing efficiency, as well as providing production flexibility for meeting peak season demands, etc. The latest development of its Chongqing production base will also optimize the industrial layout of Blue Moon in the southwestern region, and give the Banan Industrial Park new vitality and impetus to development.


        Furthermore, the latest phase have expanded the production and supply of disinfection, cleaning and protection products, such as 84 disinfectant, fabric disinfectant and anti-bacteria rinse-free hand wash, which are in increasing demand among consumers. Blue Moon?is assured of its ability to substantially raise supply of anti-pandemic cleaning products in southwestern China, thereby contribute to people being able to live clean and healthy and the country building a strong public hygiene system.

        At the event, Ren Xiongqiong, Director of Banan District Economy and Information Technology Committee, said her looked-forward for Blue Moon, after the project started operation, could manage production, operation and safety well to ensure production and meet relevant targets soonest; as well as work closely with other enterprises in the district, actively explore, innovate and strive for progress to enhance and grow its operation, improve quality and fortify its brand, and contribute to quality growth of the industries in the Banan district.

        It is worth to mention that as the?government stresses the need to hasten digital transformation of the manufacturing industry and drive the upgrade of traditional industries, Blue Moon has already kicked off its digital upgrade project, and started to cooperate with the leading full-value chain digital solution providers to advance in phases towards smart factory operation and foster exploration of smart production at its Chongqing Base. Blue Moon will build its first transparent factory in Chongqing by leveraging the city’s smart manufacturing advantage and using the advanced smart equipment in its Chongqing Base.


        Insists on green and low-carbon development

        Promotes high quality industry development


        Looking back at its development path, Blue Moon's Chongqing Base has made major breakthroughs on its exploration and practice. In 2017, Phase 1 of the Chongqing Base commenced operation; in 2019, the production lines were upgraded to increase the output proportion of concentrated products. In 2020, the production base was accredited a “Water-saving Enterprise in Chongqing” and a state-grade “Green Factory”. And, in 2021, construction of Phase 2 of the Chongqing Production Base began. With the starting of operation, the Chongqing Base is poised to achieve breakthroughs in its production data.??


        Upholding its ESG principle of “better products (services), healthier?environment, and great society”, Blue Moon has steadfastly pursued green production, ensuring its products are environmentally friendly throughout their life cycle and practicing green and low-carbon concept in all aspects of production, operation and management, and matching its business development with the larger green development trend, so as to assist the country achieve her carbon peak and carbon neutrality strategic goals.

        Blue Moon's Chongqing Production Base has implemented an array of measures to continuously promote energy conservation and emission reduction, applying adequate equipment and through iteration of technology. For example, in the construction of phase two of the production base, it deepened the "factory within a factory" cooperation model, added a blow molding workshop to ensure seamless packaging supply and demand connection for the new production chain, which can help save packaging and transportation costs, reduce labor costs and realize low-carbon and environmental protection.

        To facilitate “green manufacturing”, Blue Moon has continuously drawn on its excellent experience in green factory building and apply it in other factories, ?aiming to become a green manufacturing benchmark enterprise in the household chemicals industry. Following the Chongqing factory, Blue Moon's Tianjin factory was also named a state-grade “Green Factory” in 2021, and its Guangzhou factory was accredited as a provincial water-saving benchmark enterprise also in 2021. In developing green products, 22 Blue Moon products including Deep Cleaning Care Liquid Laundry Detergent, Supreme Biotech Laundry Detergent, and Green Fabric Softener were among the first batch of products in the industry to receive certification as “China Green Products”.

        At the ceremony, Wang Minyan, Chairman of China Cleaning Industry Association, said the detergent industry has in recent years moved forward on green, concentrated and high-quality development path. With Blue Moon's Chongqing factory advancing toward green development and digitalization, it is believed that it can be a good role model and play a leading role in driving the industry forward on the green and low-carbon development path. It can serve as an example and driving force along the industry chain, helping the industry’s digital, Internet-empowered and smart transformation.


        Currently, China is vigorously promoting high-quality economic development. Chongqing and Banan have fully embraced the new development concept and speeded up high-quality development that brazes the trail. Looking forward, Xu Yuling said Blue Moon has full confidence in building its Chongqing factory into a green, environmentally friendly, safe and smart production and logistics base, so that Blue Moon, together with the many enterprises in the industrial park, can help Banan district take off and a better future can be created by all enterprises?together.


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