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        10th Blue Moon Festival kicks off Promotes clean living lifestyle for exercise

        On 15 August,?the launching ceremony of the 10th?Blue Moon Festival themed "New Fashion, New Cleanliness, New Life" had?held in Guangzhou. In?response?to the call of?nationwide regular exercise advocated by the "14th?Five-Year National Health Plan", the 10th?Blue Moon Festival gathered representatives from industry associations, media as well as partners and initiated a national sports promotion plan to build an omni-channel and multi-scenario experience ecosystem, thus bringing the concept of clean and healthy lifestyle to more consumers along with creating and enjoying better living.


        Guests present at the ceremony included Wang Minyan (汪敏燕), Chairman of China Cleaning Industry Association; Wei?Jinyou (魏晉有), Purchasing Director of National Commodity Department of China Resources Vanguard; Chen Yan (陳研), Director of Marketing Department of China Resources Vanguard Headquarters; Liang Feng (梁峰), CEO of Joy Run; Li Feng (李峰), Managing Director of Graduates Art Fair; Wu Jingyan (伍靜妍), Vice President of Southern Metropolis Daily?and General Manager of Wancai News Agency (灣財社); Chen Yangkai (陳養凱), Senior Researcher of Nandu Big Data Institute and Head of Nandu Quality Test and Evaluation Laboratory; Xu Yuling (徐玉玲), Deputy General Manager of Blue Moon (China) Co., Ltd.; Zeng Liqun (曾立群), General Manager, Communications Department of Blue Moon (China) Co., Ltd.; Yang Yi (楊義), General Manager of Blue Moon Key Account Management Center, among others. Olympic diving champions and members of national diving team Chen Aisen (陳艾森)?and Xie Siyi (謝思埸)?also joined as special guests to promote clean living?lifestyle for?exercise.


        Everybody in the country is getting into regular exercise, arousing public concern on how to keep sportswear clean

        In recent years, prompted by the national fitness strategy and people increasingly pursuing healthy lifestyle, resulting a nationwide upsurge into exercising. According to General Administration of Sports of China data, 37.2% of people exercised regularly in 2020, up by 3.3% against 2014. The "National Fitness Plan (2021-2025)" clearly states that by 2025, the national fitness public service system will be improved and the number of people taking part in different sports will keep increasing, which the proportion of those exercising regularly shall reach to 38.5%.

        The rise of the exercising trend and improving quality of life of consumers have also inspired a new round of consumption upgrade and new sports-related needs, including most directly a stronger consumer demand for washing sportswear. In this regard, the Nandu Big Data Institute, Wan cai News Agency, Nandu(南都·灣財社), N Video, Nandu Polling Center, and Nandu Quality Testing and Evaluation Laboratory have conducted a series research and interviews to investigate the new consumption trends related to issues people face when cleaning sportswear after exercising.

        At the ceremony, Chen Yangkai, Senior Researcher of Nandu Big Data Institute and Head of Nandu Quality Test and Evaluation Laboratory, released and explained the findings of the "Insight Report on Clothes Cleaning Problems under the National Sports Trend" (hereinafter referred to as "Insight Report"). According to the Insight Report, partaking in sports has become a national trend, with the survey found over 95% of the respondents exercise every week, of which 32.29% exercise 2-3 times a week, and 29.70% exercise 4-6 times a week, and 27.58% of the respondents exercise every day.

        It is worth noting that, with citizens in the country getting into regular exercise, clothes odor?of sweat have become a cleaning concern that consumers reaching?out?for?solutions. The Report also showed 86.07% of the respondents indicating that they had encountered problems related to clothes with sweat odor?after exercising. Regarding?the washing of sweaty post-exercise clothing, 90.22% of respondents had serious problems, 58.58% of the respondents found clothes worn over time and washed many times turning yellow, and 46.40% of the respondents found clothes worn over time and washed many times turning gray or discoloring. Moreover, 40.04% of them said there was residue smell on their clothes after washing, whereas 35.24% found on their clothes worn over time a strange or foul smell that could not be washed off. In addition, near 80% of the respondents showed interest in laundry products for sportswear and wanted to have products that can remove the sweaty smell of clothes and 51.90% of the respondents thought there should be products specially for sportswear.

        An expert interviewed in the survey, Wang Minyan, Chairman of China Cleaning Industry Association, said reducing unpleasant odors from sweating is the most important issue in sportswear cleaning, hence research and development of cleansers for sportswear agrees with the consumer demand trend.

        10th?Blue Moon Festival kicks off to promote clean living lifestyle for exercise

        As understood, the Blue Moon Festival is an exclusive event created by Blue Moon for consumers. It?invites consumers to interact with and experience its new products and services, so as to relate the message of living clean and healthy. This year marks the 10th?anniversary of the event. Every year, Blue Moon would pool its insights in relation to consumers and their life scenarios to create new cleaning technology products to lead consumer demand.


        Xu Yuling, Deputy General Manager of Blue Moon, said at the launch ceremony,?with rising public enthusiasm in sports in recent years, exercising has become a lifestyle. In agreement with this trend, the 10th?Blue Moon Festival will present consumers with a nationwide sports carnival that integrates cleanliness with sports in depth. This year's Blue Moon Festival themed "New Fashion, New Cleanliness, New Life" features a nationwide sports plan rolled out jointly with different parties, which gives "a new meaning to sports cleanliness". During this period, Blue Moon will help consumers enjoy clean living after exercising by offering multi-scenario, omni channel interactive experiences of Blue Moon’s latest cleaning technology products represented by sports laundry detergent.

        As introduced, Blue Moon has in-depth understanding of the “sore spot” of cleaning clothes worn for exercising, daily and family activities that cause sweating and, with innovative R&D as its driving force, launched a new sports laundry detergent series. This new product series does not only remove sweaty smell from clothing effectively, but can also inhibit such odors during wearing, so consumers can “sweat without smelling" and enjoy sports and trendy, healthy and clean living at the same time.


        This year's Blue Moon Festival will continue to expand ways to reach consumers so that the consumer mass can experience the new cleaning technology. At the launch ceremony, Zeng Liqun (曾立群), General Manager (Communications) of Blue Moon, said, "We will strengthen building sports scenarios and fostering consumer interactions in retail channels such as China Resources Vanguard, as well as focus on three main sweating scenarios so that consumer participation can be integrated with daily life. For example, consumers can participate in sports carnivals via Joyrun while they are running; join activities via DiDi Bike when they go out or when they are exercising at MIRAKO FITNESS and Total Fitness.


        Wang Minyan, Chairman of China Cleaning Industry Association, pointed out that Blue Moon's new sports laundry detergent series is another example of integration of product innovation with development of time, which is a positive contribution to promoting development of the industry. At this year’s Blue Moon Festival, Blue Moon will integrate cleanliness and sports more extensively and thoroughly, allowing the public to fully enjoy sports and experience clean and healthy lifestyle at the same time. Such efforts once again showed that Blue Moon is able to with its professional cleaning products satisfy consumers' pursuit of better living.?

        Notably, the climax of the Blue Moon Festival will coincide with the advent of the Mid-Autumn Festival. As disclosed, Blue Moon will, for the ninth time, cooperate with CCTV?and Hunan TV to present the Mid-Autumn Festival Gala on the two TV stations for Chinese around the world. It will host interesting interactive activities in the Gala to encourage consumers to get moving, learn sportswear cleansing knowledge, win gifts?for sportswear cleaning?and experience clean living lifestyle for exercise while celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival.


        Building omni-channel for ecology experience thus create and live a better life


        "We hope to gather all different strengths to encourage the public to get moving and build a consumer-centric, open, omni-channel and multi-scenario 'sport +’ experiencing ecology, so as to allow more consumers to experience clean living lifestyle for exercise", said Mr. Zeng.

        At the launch ceremony, Blue Moon together with retail channel representative China Resources Vanguard, sports platform representative Joyrun, art platform representative [National Graduates Art Fair] and media representative Southern Metropolis Daily jointly initiated the “Sports for All Support Plan”. The parties invited more enterprises and social forces to join and support the initiative, and apply their respective strengths to promote quality development of the exercising for all cause and let consumers live better.

        Chen Yan (陳研), Marketing Director of China Resources Vanguard Headquarters, said China Resources Vanguard is following closely the consumption upgrade?trends?and is dedicated to becoming a provider, supporter and advocate of new lifestyles that capture the beauty of green with “green” action plan to promote?“Sports for All”?with?green consumption.

        Liang Feng (梁峰), CEO of Joyrun, said,?as a professional running sports platform, Joyrun?uses new digital technologies to allow?more people to take part in sports and enjoy happiness?from running, and appreciate one’s sense of self.?He hoped everyone can enjoy delightful running time, and clean living lifestyle for exercise?so?that the [Sports for All Support Plan]?offers.

        Kang Liang (康亮), Vice President of the National Graduates Art Fair, said art has social significance and can bring a positive and healthier life attitude to in the post-pandemic era. He called on different parties in society, including enterprises, artists and the public,?to support the [Sports for All] activity, and he hoped that artists’ imagination can enthrall active public participation in ?sports and pass on positive energy to people for staying?young and healthy.

        Moreover, professional athletes including Xie Siyi and Chen Aisen, Olympic diving gold medal winners?were also present at the event to share their experiences and feelings after using Blue Moon's sports laundry detergent. They said?"Blue Moon's sports laundry detergent is effective in removing and inhibiting sweaty smell from clothing, hence can ensure everybody enjoy clean living lifestyle for exercise". On this year's Blue Moon Festival, the athletes thought various parties working together can more effectively promote the Sports for All activity to the public and they hope more people can partake in the activity and enjoy?sports and clean living.

        At the end of the ceremony, all guests and representatives activated the launch device, and unveiled the 10th Blue Moon Festival formally. As a professional provider of home cleaning solutions, Blue Moon will give full play to its strengths as a cleaning expert and allow consumers to experience sports and clean living at this year's Blue Moon Festival with a diversified experiencing ecology. Blue Moon is now celebrating its 30th anniversary. In this way, it will continue to focus on the cleaning realm and insist on driving quality growth with innovation to create better products and services, and promote cleaner lifestyle to help consumers enjoy better living.

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